Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Ascension // Season Finale Recap Review

HIELD HQ is under siege, Quake vs. Hive, and what now?

After an explosion of a package sent by Giyera and James fills the area with Radcliffe’s primitive toxin, turning agents into swayed Inhumans, SHIELD goes into lockdown. During the chaos, Daisy sneaks out of her quarantine to confront Hive and, in her weakened state of withdrawal from Hive’s sway, begs him to take her back. But Lash did more than remove the parasites from her mind, but somehow made her impervious to being controlled again. Disgusted with herself, Daisy strikes against Hive, pushing her SHIELD training and Inhuman powers to their limits. But it’s not enough. He defeats her as James and Giyer arrive with the warhead, and they steal the Zephyr, intending to fly to a high enough altitude to release the primitive toxin and change the world.

Coulson and the rest of the team, including Radcliffe, fight back against the Primitives roaming their base. Thanks to Simmons discovery of the primitives relying on infrared as their vision and making a way to blind them, the struggle turns to their favor and they’re able to escape. With Talbot bringing in military assistance to take back the HQ, Coulson and his team take a quinjet to the zephyr, docking mid air and bringing the fight to Hive. After rescuing Daisy from capture, the team (and Mack with an actual shotgun/axe combo!) takes on Hive’s Inhumans as Daisy steals back the warhead and loads it onto the quinjet, planning to send it into space and out of reach of Earth. Hive catches up to her, pointing out the futility of the plan, only to be stopped by Lincoln, frying the manual controls of the jet and pushing Daisy out, sending himself and Hive into space, with just enough time for a heartfelt goodbye. Daisy can only watch the jet explode from afar, with Lincoln and Hive both on board, perishing in the warhead’s blast.

Jumping forward six months, major changes have occurred within the ranks of SHIELD. For unknown reasons, Daisy, now known as Quake, as gone rogue, with Agents Coulson and Mack tracking her down under orders of the new Director of SHIELD. Radcliffe seems pleased, however, being cleared of all charges associating him with Hive and his work on the primitive toxin, and he has a new invention he thinks his friends at SHIELD will appreciate; Life Model Decoys.

“Ascension” is actioned packed from beginning to end; battles between skilled Inhumans, a zombie-apocalypse style struggle within SHIELD HQ, and the confrontation between both sides to take back the Zephyr and save the world (and Mack’s shotgun/axe! Seriously!). But even with the action it found time to bring out the emotion that’s been building up between characters, specifically Daisy and Lincoln. With the theme of connection throughout Hive’s story arc, it’s interesting to see an even stronger connection between these two, not because they’re Inhuman or in love, but because they both know what it’s like to suffer from addiction. Lincoln’s history with drinking allows his understanding of Daisy’s sway under Hive, and he knows the feelings of withdrawal she is going through, even knowing her moment of weakness in returning to Hive to reclaim that feeling once more.

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