Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Among Us Hide // Recap Review

Bobbi goes back into the field, Hunter has some anger issues, and Hydra has a new player.

SHIELD was quick to answer to the potential danger surrounding Andrew Garner, as the young Von Strucker was sent by Ward to kill Dr. Garner if May didn’t surrender. Hunter’s actions against Ward, while wounding the Director of Hydra, also signaled Von Strucker to make the kill. Dr. Garner was recovered by SHIELD and received medical attention. He was lucky to survive.

With Andrew safe, May is back on the warpath and goes after Ward, reinstating Agent Morse into active field duty. Ward’s trail has gone cold, but Von Strucker is inexperienced and on the run from both SHIELD and Ward, having botched his assignment. Following a money trail, they follow Von Strucker’s steps.

As SHIELD searches for Von Strucker, Ward is given the young Hydra prince on a silver platter. Von Strucker has reached out to one of his father’s associates, someone that many feared crossing when Hydra fell. Ward knew of him, and looked forward to meeting one of the few remaining of Hydra’s Old Order, and enlighten him that his generation is past, and Ward’s New Order is the future. But a mutual deal is struck between them, and Ward gets what he wants.

While Bobbi and May hunt down Von Strucker and Ward, Hunter is benched after his actions nearly got Andrew killed. In looking for something to do, he joins Daisy and Mack on a mission to discover the true identity of Lash. Daisy saw that he could change into a normal looking human, and has a hunch he may be hiding within the ranks of the ATCU. Daisy and Mack do their best to stay in stealth mode, but with Hunter anxious about Bobbi being in the field, he causes them some minor, and humorous, complications. Daisy’s team doesn’t discover Lash’s true identity, but they do get a look into the ATCU’s facility, as well as Coulson, peeling away the layers that is the ATCU and Rosalind.

“Hide Among Us…” continues this show’s strong theme of consequences, specifically with bringing Bobbi back into active duty. All season she has been bored in the lab and ready for field work, but as May observes, not active enough to get back to work. The torture and wounding by Ward and Agent 33 not only left physical scars, but mental and emotional ones, causing Bobbi to turn to more peaceful methods than violent ones.

With Von Strucker’s reveal to Garner, the sense was that the character’s arc was ending prematurely. It would have been interesting to see the character fleshed out in his assignment of spying on Dr. Garner. But, this thought was not lost in the show, as this new Hydra player lectures Ward on using the Hydra Prince so early was a waste. As it turns out, Von Strucker’s purpose was not to show the dynasty of Hydra, but to introduce the possible conflict between Hydra’s Old Order and Ward’s New one.

I’m doing my best not to reveal spoilers in this instance, but this episode did in fact reveal the hidden identity of Lash. For me, it was a complete surprise as to who the character was, but once revealed, pieces began to fall into place that made sense of his identity. But, it raised questions of motive, both of what we know of the character, and what we’ve seen of Lash himself, saying he was “necessary” in what he was doing, hunting and killing Inhumans. Why?


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