Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Aftershocks // Recap Review

The  SHIELD team comes to terms with Trip’s death, Coulson strikes back against Hydra, and something is very wrong with Skye.

The episode opens with our first glimpse at the Inhuman community. Skye’s mother, The woman Whitehall butchered to get his forever young powers, served as a mentor to new Inhumans who first go through terigenisis, the same mist that came from the obelisk. Because of her slow aging, she’s been able to guide young Inhumans through dealing with their drastic metamorphosis. The inhuman we see her work with is the same man with no eyes we saw at the end of the mid season finale.

Back at SHIELD HQ, everyone is dealing with the death of agent Trip in their own way. Hey believe he stopped the crystals in the obelisk from spreading further when he destroyed it. He’s a hero.

We see everyone dealing with the loss of Trip in different ways. Specifically Mac and Simmons. Mac is angry he blames a lot on Coulson and Skye for being obsessed with the alien writings. Simmons blames herself for possibly unleashing a contagion on the world that would turn anyway it touches into someone with powers.

Skye is also putting herself through blame as she’s locked in quarantine until thy can determine if she was affected by the crystals and the mist. Fittz tries to figure out what exactly happened to her, and comes to the conclusion that the earthquake wasn’t caused by the obelisk. It was caused by Skye. After dropping the line “No. That’s inhuman”, Fittz covers for Skye and alters her lab results to make it look like she’s fine. They agree to keep her changes quiet while the team is so on edge.

Coulson grieves in a much more drastic way. He comes up with a plan, with the help of General Talbot, to take out theHydra  leadership. They use Bakshi, Mr. Hydra as I’ve come to call him, and trick him to leading them to the Hydra leadership and uses their classic villainous distrust of each other against them, making them kill each other.

Coulson takes out the Hydra leadership Michael Corleon style. All at once. (Seriously, I was so excited to write that sentence.)

The big reveal of this episode, however, isn’t the killing of the Hydra leadership, or Skye’s inhumanity. It’s Bobby and Mac. They’ve been hiding a secret since the beginning, and we see a glimpse of what as Mac discovers Fury’s toy box hidden in Coulson’s desk. They are obviously working for someone else, but right now that’s all we know.

Oh, and what happened to Raina? She’s changed… A LOT. She’s not a hideous porcupine type creature. Distraught of her change, and with a little pushing from Cal, she decides to end her life. But before she does, Gordon, the inhuman from the beginning teleports in and tells her he’ll “show her the way”.

I spoke with a friend who had a big problem with the way the characters in this show handled death. He thought they were too cavalier about it. I isnt agree, but I’m pretty sure whatever problem he saw is gone now. Many of the actions and reactions are direct results of how the characters are dealing with the death of a friend. Especially with Simmons, who’s self-imposed guilt causes her to rethink the idea of people with powers, and wants Raina and others like her eradicated. With Fitts feeling the opposite, that Skye is “just different now, and there’s nothing wrong with that”, we see the state the world is heading to with Ultron and Civil War so close. Fittz and Simmons are on opposite sides, just as the Avengers an the world will be soon enough. 

Coulson taking out the Hydra leadership also connects greatly to Age of Ultron, as killing them off left only Baron Von Strucker in charge, who is the monocled man who has Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. 

As for Mac and Bobbi? We really don’t know. There is obviously something bigger at play here. Are they working for Hydra? I don’t think so, mainly because the whole secret Hydra agent Ward was done to death last season. Personally, I think they are working for Talbot, not as an enemy of SHIELD, but as someone to find out how they’re working and keep them under control. 

Overall, I’m incredibly happy o be wrong about Coulson and the rest of SHIELD again. The break didn’t feel as long since we had Agent Carter to keep our attentions. But now, we’re in the home stretch leading up to Avengers: Age of Ultron, which coincidently premiered it’s new trailer today. 

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