Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Afterlife // Recap Review

Skye finds herself at the Inhuman day spa, rSHIELD tries to use Fittz-Simmons to open Fury’s tool box, and an old ally joins Coulson and Hunter.

Yes, you read that right. The Inhumans HQ, or at least one of their places of refuge, is basically a very Asian themed day spa called Afterlife. Not the cheap kind either. The kind that is built to truly resemble Chinese monasteries, which would be easy considering it’s probably IN China, but only Gordon knows it’s location, and can come and go as he pleases.

Skye awakens and meets her new Inhuman “transitioner”, Lincoln, a pretty boy med student Inhuman from Cincinnati. He gives her the grand tour and begins to help Skye transition into her new Inhuman-ness.

Everything seems to be fine, until she discovers that Raina is also at Afterlife. Skye tries to confront her, finally seeing Raina’s transformation for herself, and almost vibrates the needles right out of her, until she’s stopped by… HER MOTHER!

Skye’s mother. Not Raina’s. Sorry, was that unclear?

Yes. Skye’s mother, who was thought to be dead from Whitehall’s experiments, is alive, and has the scars to prove it. She convinces Skye to stay just a few days, then goes to meet Cal, also being held in Afterlife.

Back at occupied SHIELD HQ, rSHIELD is trying to open Fury’s tool box, and attempt to get Fittz-Simmons to help them. Fittz is less than helpful, and begins his “debriefing” procedures so he can leave. rSHIELD wants to make it very clear that no one is a prisoner. If they choose to leave, they may do so. Except for May, who actually is a prisoner. Ah, there’s that double standard thing again. They don’t like secrets, except when they secretly attack SHIELD. They don’t keep prisoners, except May. Gonzalez is busy trying to sway May over to his way of thinking, that Coulson is dangerous, he can’t be trusted. However, she’s not going for it. Gonzalez goes for one more hail Mary pass (am I saying that right?) with May, and offers her a seat on the rSHIELD board.

Simmons caves into Bobbi’s requests and begins to try and open the tool box and Fittz finds out, confronting her, Bobbi, and Mack. He makes a good point, one that I’ve agreed with from the start, that rSHIELD is working based on fear. Fear of powered people. Fear of whatever they think is in the tool box. He Simmons have their final disagreement over their loyalty to SHIELD, and Fittz gtfo’s.

Meanwhile, at Cabin de Hulk, Coulson and Hunter find the remains of the fight with rSHIELD and Skye, see that Gordon has taken her somewhere, and then begin to regroup. After a brief night of drinking, Coulson sounds an alarm that calls rSHIELD back to the cabin to arrest them, telling Hunter to not worry, that he was “back-up”.

Back-up is Deathlok! SHIELD Agent Mike “Deathlok” Peterson is back in the game. Apparently Coulson has been in contact with him and outfitted him with some upgrades. Unlike the upgrades he got from Hydra, they’re not all completely lethal, but they are all completely effective. They decide to go after the other leader of Hydra, the one they let get away, who is also working with Von Strucker. They know that he’s looking for powered people, and may lead them to Skye. However, they don’t know where to begin looking. They’re only clue? Grant Ward.

In the end, we are left with Fittz getting a cab, opening his bag, and finding the tool box! He and Gemma were working together to get the tool box away from rSHIELD and leave a fake in it’s place! Who saw that coming?!

I kind of did. But it’s nice to have them friendly again all the same.

While I am very excited to have Deathlok back in action, I’m less excited about the Inhumans. Afterlife was full of them, but they were all just people. They kind of explained it as not all inhuman descendants choose to go through terrigenises, or be a part of the community at all. This is all well and good, but with as many people that were there, a lot of them HAD to have powers, and part of that group should have had exterior transformations, like Raina. Skye going to Afterlife should have been like our first look at Mutant High, or Harry Potter first going to Diagon Alley. But it wasn’t. It was just a very Asian themed day spa. Making the base of the Inhumans look all normal might have been an effort to show the equality between humans and Inumans, touching on racism and fear, which has been a theme this whole season. Or, they just didn’t have a budget for the effects.

And what’s the deal with Skye’s mother? She very clearly has scars, so we’re pretty certain it’s her. She was kind of an immortal, so it’s entirely possible that her gift allowed her to come back to life after Whitehall butchered her. Or perhaps Cal put her back together himself? When the two meet, there is no surprise from him that she is alive.

If it has to do with her gift, could it be possible that Whitehall could return as well? He grafted her organs and blood into himself, increasing his age. Coulson only shot him, so perhaps Whitehall will make a comeback?

Now, back to Deathlok! It feels to me like Coulson, Hunter, and Deathlok, are definitely moving closer to Von Strucker, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hopefully this will cross over into the movie, and maybe even have Coulson and Deathlok kicking major Ultron ass. Maybe? Please?

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