Marvel Agents of SHIELD | Absolution // Recap Review

SHIELD goes on the offense, Hive’s memories become scrambled, and Daisy goes through withdrawals.

With help from Daisy, who is no longer under Hive’s sway and in quarantine, SHIELD has learned the details of Hive’s plan to turn all humans into swayed Inhumans through Radcliffe’s primitive toxin. Adding in information from Talbot about the missile stolen from the ATCU, SHIELD locates a launch site that has recently gone dark, and sends in May, Elena, Mack, and Lincoln, to stop them at any cost. With some help from Talbot, they manage to get the codes that deactivate the missile, while Mack rigs a trap for Hive, Lincoln leading him into it, and managing to scramble the memories of his victims in his mind, making him confused. Once he’s weakened, May takes down his swayed Inhuman primitives and rescues a very cooperative Radcliffe, escaping the base, and capturing Hive in an ATCU gel-suspension matrix.

Mack returns to base to give Daisy the good news. Hive is captured. They won. Even though the missile was taken by Giyera and James, the greater threat seems to be over. Daisy, dealing with the guilt she has over her betrayal, as well as going through the withdrawals left by the effects of Hive’s sway, remains cold and distant. But Mack has fought too hard to get his partner back, and gives her his forgiveness for everything she’s done. Forgiveness that she fights, not believing herself worthy of it, until she breaks down from what she’s been through and finds comfort with her partner.

Things seem to be getting wrapped up. Talbot finds confidence in SHIELD’s methods, even though he doesn’t fully understand them. Radcliffe, willing to cooperate for the greater good of science, and his own well being, of course, begins his work on reversing the effects of the primitive toxin, even Fittz-Simmons is planning a romantic getaway where Simmons is going to do something that will blow Fittz’ mind… SNORKELING! Maybe the agents of SHIELD will finally get a break from the usual end of the world routine?

With avengers and agents fighting each other over the Sokovia Accords or their trust of Inhumans, “Absolution” finally shows a well oiled machine of agents working together to their strengths to take down their greatest enemy yet. It’s fun to watch the team rely on each other for each of their roles to dismantle Hive and his followers, while also adding Radcliffe, an entertaining character, to their ranks. However, there was a huge distraction throughout the episode as each character played a game of hot-potato with the infamous cross necklace, seen in Daisy’s vision of someone’s death. It felt like a cheap trick to keep the viewers watching and engaged in the show, when I feel the story and events happening were enough to keep me coming back to see what happens, instead of just watching to see the big shocker of who will die.

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