Marvel Agents of SHIELD | A Hen in the Wolf House // Recap Review

I was on edge for most of this episode. After it finished I was so hyped up, I felt like I was on a sugar high. Can I just go into cryo freezing and wake up every Tuesday night? And then once the season is over just wake me up in May so I can see Avengers 2.

There are a few things “A Hen in the Wolf House” focuses on. Hydra weaponizing the effects of the obelisk. Simmons’ precarious cover in Hydra, Raina looking for new friends and less enemies, and Skye find out about her father.

Hydra tries to weaponize the obelisk, even though they don’t have it. However,they do have the waitress that The Absorbing Man accidentally touched in the second episode, and have been studying those effects in great detail. According to Simmons, though, the alien technology reacts to human metals and biology at such an intricate level that it would be close to impossible to recreate without the original source.

That source is currently in the hands of Skye’s father, who I’ve been referring to as Skye Daddy, since we don’t have another name for him yet and Skye’s father sounds lame. Raina, after being threatened by Whitehall himself, tries to convince Skye Daddy to let her bring the obelisk to Whitehall. At this request, Skye Daddy starts to lose control, Raina warning him that he’d lose Skye forever if she saw him like this. He refuses to give her the obelisk, suggesting she go beg to Whitehall. Raina decides to do just that, but instead of pleading with Whitehall, she sees Simmons’ contacting SHIELD about Hydra weaponizing the obelisk.

Back at SHIELD HQ Skye is growing more and more frustrated with Coulson and his compartmentalizing. He’s becoming more and more like Fury and keeping secrets from her and the team, and she’s not okay with that. She begins to do some digging of her own on the alien carvings after noticing something carved into Coulson’s desk, which he promptly hid. This leads to a conversation with Ward and he tells about Garrett making the carvings. Skye figures out that Coulson is the source of the carvings she’s been looking into.

Coulson and Skye finally break down the walls between them. Coulson admits to the carvings and tells her his biggest concern is that Garrett and himself reacted to the GH formula, but Skye didn’t, hinting that the alien DNA might already be a part of her, and Skye appropriately freaks out about her possibly being an alien. This conversation is disrupted by a call from Raina, who wants to meet.

Their meeting takes place at a restaurant, and she threatens to expose Simmons to Hydra if they don’t give her Skye so she can bring her to her father as a way to appease him and save her own skin. Coulson coldly refuses, much to Raina’s surprise.

Simmons is exposed and runs from Hydra, though is saved in the nick of time by another SHIELD agent named Bobbi, who is actually pretty awesome. The way she takes down the Hydra agents, I found myself both intimidated and… Well… Um…

They let Raina go, only after she gives Coulson the location of Skye Daddy and they tag her with a GPS locator so that when Whitehall does come after her, they know exactly where she and Whitehall will be. Sadly, Skye Daddy’s lair is cleared out, only leaving behind the bodies of his victims who are brutalized by a knife and pure strength.

Bobbi and Simmons make it back to base and Fittz-Simmons shares a brief, and strained reunion. Fittz has been seeing Simmons this whole time, and now that she’s really there, he doesn’t know if she’s real or not. They’re not the only reunion we get however. All season we’ve heard of HUnter’s she-devil ex-wife. That she-devil just happens to be Bobbi, and we’re gifted an amusing dialogue between the two. Finally, Coulson and SKye talk about the carvings, and Skye has a theory that it’s a map. But a map to what?

In the last scene, Skye Daddy, angered of Coulson having Skye and her thinking he is a monster from seeing his victims, goes to Whitehall with the obelisk as a peace offering and they decide to go after Coulson together.

There were a lot of answers given in this episode, and a lot of major plot points for the season as a whole. We got to know Skye Daddy more, and that he and Whitehall definitely have a history together, and not a pleasant one. Skye Daddy is also aware that Whitehall is older than he looks.

Skye also got answers about her father, and more questions about her origins and the monstrosity of her father. During the scene with Skye Daddy and Raina, when he was “losing control” and Raina tries to get him to calm down, there was a very deliberate green light on him. It reminded me of Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Maybe there is a connection, but we don’t know yet. It’s a popular theory as well, and one that I buy into, that he and Skye are the first of the Inhumans that we’re going to see.

We were also introduced to a new character, Bobbi Morse, who I’ve read in a number of forums that she is actually a greater Marvel character, Mockingbird. I don’t know who that is but I’m really excited to find out.

However, as much as I want to know, I also DON’T want to know. I’ve become so tied up into the MCU that I’m afraid of doing the research and reading the comics to find out more about the characters that it will ruin the MCU for me. I’ll be upset that a character isn’t like they are in the comics or something in their story line will be spoiled. I’m enjoying the ride the MCU has put me on and loving the experience of learning about the greater Marvel universe through it.

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