Marvel Agents of SHIELD | A Fractured House // Recap Review

The last few episodes of Agents of SHIELD had me at the edge of my seat, almost foaming at the mouth for the questions being answered. This episode just had me comfortably in my seat for an enjoyable 40 minutes. Not all episodes need to be OH MY GOD!!! material, that would get old and I don’t think my heart could take that, so a nice slid episode that just entertains is always welcome, as long as it does entertain (and it does).

A Fractured House focuses on reunions, both within SHIELD and without. 

We meet Grant mental Ward’s older, torturous brother who is a senator and just as much of a lying snake as his younger brother (it apparently runs in the family). Sen. Ward is  helping Talbot take down SHIELD and Hydra. With Senator Ward in the picture, we finally see what really scares the disgraced SHIELD agent. 

In order to stop Hydra from making SHIELD look worse and justify Talbot and Senator Ward, Coulson send Bobbi, Hunter, and May on a mission. The actually mission seems irrelevant, but it offers a great chance of comedy between the two former lovebirds. Both actors gave character to their past relationship, showing great chemistry and excellent comedic timing for their nit picks and arguments during the mission. Even May through in a funny line. 

Finally, and where I feel the strength of this episode was, Fittz-Simmons trying to figure out how to work together again. There was no fear and no comedy. The entire subplot was heart breaking. Both Fittz and Simmons have changed drastically since the end of season one and in their own experiences in season two. Fittz has had to deal with his own broken mind and figure out how to work with it AND with the team, while Simmons has become less science girl and more science woman in her time undercover at Hydra. They even look different than they did. As much as Fittz has wanted Simmons back, he’s angry she left in the first place, and doesn’t know HOW this new Fittz works, and continuously treats him like the old Fittz. Simmons can’t seem to find their old routine, but Mac knows Fittz’s new routine, and gives Simmons some support. 

This week has been a roller coaster for the MCU with all the films details coming out, so hitting the breaks on this episode from revealing huge secrets and plot points and just focusing on some excellent character development was refreshing. It brought us back to what this show is about. The AGENTS of SHIELD. 

Side note: I totally just found this out! I’ve been watching Avengers Assemble and playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes and the voice for Iron Man was the same and it was nagging at me at how familiar it was. I finally looked it up and it’s Adrian Passdar who plays Talbot! I just thought that was interesting. 

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