Marvel Agents of SHIELD | 4,722 Hours // Recap Review

Simmons opens up to Fittz about her time stranded on a hellish planet and how she lost hope.

With Fittz discovering Simmons’ secret project of trying to re-open the portal, she decides to open up about the past six months; what happened, where she was, and who she was with. After being pulled into the Monolith, she was left on a sunless desert world. There was little food aside from carnivorous plants, and even less water. Among the dangers, Simmons also discovered lost astronaut Will Daniels.

Will was an air force pilot who volunteered in 2001 to go on a possible one way trip through the monolith, along with a few NASA scientists, in order to determine if the Monolith was a possible affordable future for space exploration. Soon after their arrival, an unknown entity hunted and tormented the NASA scientists, causing them to go insane and kill themselves, Will being the only survivor. Since the loss of his team he’s hidden and avoided the entity, but now that Simmons has joined him, there may a chance for their escape.

Using the outdated astrological mapping equipment the NASA brought with them through the portal, Simmons manages to determine the intervals of the portal’s openings based on the gravitational pull of the planet’s two moons. Simmons and Will trek across the planet to the portal’s next opening with a plan in place, however the obstacles before them are too great and they don’t make it in time. With no more resources or power to use NASA’s equipment, Simmons gives in to despair, looking for comfort wherever she can find it.

Much as “4,722 Hours” is a montage of scenes of Simmons and Will finding ways to survive on the planet. Simmons searches for water, fights a monster, and makes dinner her biatch. From the beginning, the characters of Simmons and Will clash and work together in a sort of opposites attract sort of style. While the relationship that builds between them may not be what a lot of fans wanted to see, it still comes off as a natural progression of emotions for two people stranded in dire circumstances.

What about the Monolith? We now know that it was a portal to another world, and that it has been studied for centuries, various explorers from different eras traveling through it. We also know the Inhumans are scared of it, and the resonating and opening of the portal hurt Daisy. So what exactly is it that makes this Monolith such a danger to Inhumans? With the inclusion of how it affects Daisy, an Inhuman, it’ not a story arc they’ve dropped or forgotten about, so answers are sure to come as the Monolith and the planet become more involved throughout the season.

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