Marvel Agents Carter | The Lady in the Lake // Recap Review

The S.S.R. is back to work, Chief Thompson interrogates an old enemy in New York, while Agent Carter and Chief Sousa track down an icy killer in Los Angeles.

The S.S.R.’s New York branch is running strong with the leadership of Chief Jack Thompson and the skills of Agent Peggy Carter. Together, with the resources of the of the S.S.R., they capture wanted communist spy Dotty Underwood. However, the S.S.R.’s new Los Angeles branch, lead by Chief Daniel Sousa, is less than ideal. When a woman’s body is discovered in a frozen lake in Hollywood, during a heat wave no less, the S.S.R is called in to assist local police. In an attempt to help Sousa, and reclaim his old title of the big stick, Thompson sends Carter to L.A.

Along with sun, palm trees, and flamingos, Carter is welcomed to L.A. by her old comrade, Edwin Jarvis, who has relocated to Hollywood with Mr. Stark to assist in his latest venture of running a movie studio. And Sousa isn’t the only familiar face who’s made the move from New York to L.A. Rose, the New York branches’ phone operator and gatekeeper now works the front desk for Sousa out of an obscure talent agency. She’s also taken up surfing.

There is little time for catching up as Carter and Sousa, awkwardly working together after so long not speaking due to time differences, set to work to discover the mystery behind the lady in the frozen lake. Their investigation takes them to Isodyne Labs to take a look at their particle accelerator. With some clever distractions, Carter sneaks her way behind closed doors and meets Physicist Dr. Jason Wilkes, who is ready to assist Carter as much as he can over a glass of wine. According to Wilkes, the woman was a particle physicist at Isodyne who was rumored to be having an affair with Isodyne’s owner, Calvin Chadwick. This new information puts Chadwick in Carter’s crosshairs, as well as his movie star wife, Whitney Frost.

The second season premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter hits the ground running, throwing the audience into the action as Carter and the S.S.R. take down an old enemy, Dotty Underwood, keeping the events of last season fresh in the story. But, now that Carter has gained such favor in her role in the S.S.R., she must work to overcome not equality, but jealousy from her fellow agents, such as Chief Thompson. It’s interesting to see Thompson in this new light, as he spent most of last season as the S.S.R.’s golden boy. Now, running the S.S.R. from within, he grapples with the idea of being overshadowed by Carter, and being made entirely irrelevant by the U.S. government who wonder if they even need the S.S.R. anymore.

While plenty of old character fill this episode, it’s new characters that really make this episode shine like a Hollywood sunrise. Specifically, Edwin Jarvis’ long mentioned wife, Anna Jarvis. Her attitude and coy manipulations of the love of her life, Jarvis, are entertaining to see, as well as her rising to Agent Carter’s level of badassness and wit. It will be interesting to see the Jarvis’ work with Carter throughout this season. Together the three of them give off a very Bond-esque feeling; Anna is Carter’s Q, and Jarvis is her Moneypenny.

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