Marvel Agents Carter | Snafu // Recap Review

The SSR interrogates Carter, Leviathan set their plans into motion, and Dooley makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Carter’s been brought into interrogation at the SSR and Sousa, Thompson, and Dooley take turns questioning her. Instead of telling the truth about her investigation on behalf of Stark, she instead uses the opportunity to express the truth about her situation at the SSR and how each has come to treat her, explaining further how she was able to get away with the double investigation, as she is so often overlooked.

Attempting to rescue his partner in crime, Jarvis enters the SSR with a signed confession from Stark exposing his guilt; stealing his own inventions, selling them on the black market, bringing Carter in as an impressionable young woman who didn’t know any better. Jarvis, on Stark’s behalf, demands the release of Carter in exchange for himself. However, as Jarvis reveals to Carter, the confession is a fake, the signature forged, and now they’re both held prisoner by the SSR.

While being held, Carter and Jarvis witness Dr. Ivchenko communicating with Dotty across the street via Morse code. She quickly responds, telling the SSR everything in order to gain their trust so they’ll also believe her about what she witnessed Ivhenko doing. Thompson and Sousa confront Dotty across the street, but her exceptional skills allows her to escape. Dooley watches Ivchenko, but his methods of hypnosis take hold of Dooley’s mind, forcing him to steal one of Stark’s inventions, and then leaving Dooley in a dangerous situation.

“Snafu” gives the cast of characters we’ve come to know and love, or at least like, the chance for them to lay all of their cards on the table. How they feel about their fellow agents, Carter, Stark, the methods of the SSR. They also show the different directions each of them have been pushed throughout the events surrounding Stark’s stolen inventions and Leviathan. Dooley shows his own doubts against the claims against Stark. Thompson, who’s been the more aggressive of the agents, shows patience and understanding of Carter, trying to understand her, while Sousa, who’s always had Carter’s back, is enraged to be made a fool of and shows the most disgust with Carter’s betrayal. Finally, as Carter does tell the whole story, the best way she can be described is exhausted, and relieved that for the first time in the season, the SSR is on the same page and working with her, rather than sending her to get lunch.

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