Marvel Agent Carter | Time and Tide // Recap Review

Agent Carter finds out no building is impenetrable, Agent Thompson drags Jarvis’ skeletons out of his closet, and Agents Sousa and Krzeminski get a huge tip.

After discovering the bumper and license plate from Howard’s Stark car in the Roxxon implosion wreckage, the SSR brings in Jarvis for questioning by Agent Thompson. Jarvis does his best to hold out against Thompson’s intimidation, especially when his military past and dishonorable discharge are brought into the conversation, and he and his wife, Anna, are threatened with deportation. Quick thinking, and putting her own career on the line, Agent Carter gets Jarvis released from questioning and his secrets remain secret, for the moment.

After an unfortunate house meeting at the Griffith Hotel, where it is compared to Fort Knox (keeping the women residents safe from the dangerous vices of the world), and Alcatraz (keeping the women residents prisoner from the joys of the world), Carter gets an idea that no building is impenetrable. With the discovery of his dishonorable discharge and possible treason, Carter cautiously works with Jarvis to discover just how Stark’s inventions were stolen. But her curiosity gets the better of her, and admits to Jarvis that she is having issues of trust with her new partner, and asks the details of his treason. Jarvis’ explanation satisfies Carter, and they move on to discover a small ship docked with the symbol left by Leet Brannis painted on the side.

Proud of their discovery, Carter intends to call in the location of Stark’s stolen inventions, but is painfully reminded that she is working as a double agent against her colleagues at he SSR, and her discovery would only damn her as a traitor like Stark. She agrees to calling in an anonymous tip to Agent Sousa at the SRR.

Trust is a common theme in “Time and Tide,” from Thompson interrogating Jarvis, Carter discovering Jarvis’ treasonous past, and, while also humorous, the multiple references to Agent Krseminski’s numerous affairs with women. The friendship and trust building between Angie and Carter is also put to the test as Carter tries to find the balance between truth and honesty with her new friend.

Jarvis’ involvement in the war revealed, and the tragic ending of this episode, remind the viewers of the truth and horrors that were brought about in World War II. From religious persecution to losing a comrade, the war is still fresh to those involved. The loss of a friend and colleague is never easy, but for those who faced this possibility everyday in the trenches of Europe, to be reminded in the ordinary everyday life sets a solemn tone for the future of these characters.

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