Marvel Agent Carter | The Edge of Mystery // Recap Review

Jarvis goes after Whitney Frost, Dr. Wilkes studies the control over Zero Matter, and Stark designs a gamma radiation canon.

While Jarvis sits by Ana’s bedside, begging for her recovery from being shot by Whitney Frost, Carter and Sousa come up with a plan to rescue Dr. Wilkes from Whitney Frost by trading her fake uranium rods. While Dr. Samberly makes the fakes, Carter and Sousa pay a visit to Whitney’s new beau and main goon, Joseph Manfredi, aggressively persuading him to deliver their message of the trade off. Everything seems to be in place when they receive a message from Howard Stark that could stop Whitney Frost once and for all. While he’s been away looking for specialists to reverse Dr. Wilkes condition and deal with Zero Matter, Stark has come up with a design of a cannon that can destroy Zero Matter with the use of gamma radiation (because we know messing with gamma rays always works out for the best).

As plans for the cannon are underway, Ana wakes from her surgery to a relieved Jarvis. He’s quick to celebrate, but is given news of complications from her surgery. While the doctors were able to save her life, the gunshot wound did irreparable damage, taking from her any chance of ever bearing children. Jarvis is shaken by this, but keeps it a secret from Ana. Holding onto a vendetta against Whitney Frost, Jarvis joins Carter and Sousa to make the trade for Dr. Wilkes, but first, Thompson must speak with Carter. Under orders from Vernon Masters, Thompson has uncovered a redacted file detailing war crimes committed by Carter during the war. Carter claims the file to be a forgery, dismissing Thompson and giving him doubt in his new colleagues.

The trade for Dr. Wilkes seems to be going to plan, until one of Manfredi’s hired muscle DROPS THE NUCLEAR URANIUM RODS (thankfully, there were fake).As there was no catastrophic explosion destroying Los Angeles, Whitney Frost realizes they’re fake and orders her men to fire on the escaping Carter, Sousa, and Dr. Wilkes. However, once they’ve escaped, Manfredi’s goons seem less than enthused about giving chase, which is answered by a betrayal of Dr. Wilkes. While captured by Whitney Frost, he learned how to control Zero Matter, making him more powerful, and sees now that reopening the rift that first brought Zero Matter to this dimension. Now, he needs the location of the real uranium rods, threatening Carter at gunpoint, prompting Sousa to tell him where they are. The uranium rods have been under Vernon Masters’ nose the entire time, tucked safely away in the vault of the S.S.R. Whitney Frost commands Masters to bring her the rods in the desert, which he succeeds in doing, despite Thompson’s best efforts to stop him. Frost and Wilkes prepare to reopen the Zero Matter rift while Carter, Jarvis, Sousa, and Thompson, rush to the desert to stop her with the gamma cannon.

So much happens in “The Edge of Mystery,” bringing the story that has unfolded pertaining to Carter’s investigation of Zero Matter closer to the ultimate climax. It seemed bleak, with Thompson and the S.S.R. going against Carter, even more so than usual, but a line has been drawn and sides have been chosen. It’s good to have Thompson working with the good guys again, as the trio of S.S.R. agents have strong chemistry, and while arguing more often than not, have built a tentatively strong bond of camaraderie. Having Thompson and Sousa together is especially entertaining, giving the stark contrast in their individual nature, Sousa being the passive character trying to do the right thing, while Thompson is the aggressive one, driven by ambition, but often reigned in by ideals.

The change in Jarvis, from the polite butler to the heated vengeance driven character he has become is a side of Jarvis we’ve yet to see. His anger towards Whitney Frost hurting Ana is understandable, even more so that they now cannot have children together. The loss of the ability to create life is easy to empathize with, but at the same time, Ana and Jarvis, to my recollection, have never shown a desire for children. Not that they didn’t want them, but the viewer has never seen this desire in them. Had this been mentioned before, the impact on the viewer may have been stronger.

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