Marvel Agent Carter | The Blitzkrieg Button // Recap Review

Chief Dooley follows a lead in Germany, Agent Thompson asserts himself as the lead agent, and Agent Carter has a house guest.

After the tragic murder of Agent Krzeminski after locating Stark’s stolen inventions, the S. S. R. is cracking down on their investigation of Howard Stark. The only suspects they have in the case are the two dead Leviathan agents, who supposedly died at the Battle of Finow. Unable to get information about the battle from the U. S. Government, Chief Dooley flies to Germany to speak with a condemned Nazi general who was at the battle, leaving Agent Thompson in charge.

Agent Sousa isn’t thrilled about Thompson’s new station, and follows his own leads to discover what happened on the boat holding the stolen Stark technology before he and Agent Krzeminski arrived. Sousa quickly finds a homeless veteran not willing to talk to the authorities, but after a little persuading from Thompson and a bottle of scotch, the vet tells of seeing a fancy dressed man and a woman with dark hair on the boat before the S. S. R. arrived.

While the men of the S. S. R. work overtime, the women are given a more relaxed schedule, which is fortunate for Carter as Howard Stark has returned to New York. Though his tech is found, Stark is still a fugitive from justice and must lay low while in the greatest city in the world, and finds sanctuary in Carter’s apartment. Stark has more plans though, as he asks Carter to steal back one of his more dangerous weapons from the S. S. R. to keep it out of the hands of the U. S. government. Carter, however, is beginning to question how much of the truth or honesty she is getting from Stark and Jarvis, and from her fellow neighbors in the Griffith Hotel.

A common theme throughout Agent Carter has been the disadvantages of women in the 1940’s. There have been numerous examples of these disadvantages as Carter navigates the spy-world, like being looked over for missions or input by her fellow agents. So far this has been a strength for the show, as these instances have been central to the plots of the episodes, and not simply the show saying “girl power.”

Much of the misogyny has been put in the lives of other female characters like Angie in the diner, while Carter has done her best to stay on top of it. Now, three instances occur to painfully remind Carter that as skilled and intelligent as she is, others know better than her simply because she is a woman, and she’ll never be respected. Each from different perspectives and characters, but all cutting deep not just for Carter, but for the viewer.

Unfortunately, one such character to treat Carter with less than the utmost respect she deserves are those she called friends, Jarvis and Howard Stark, as they lie to her to serve another means, worried that her emotions will cause her to act irrationally.

Still, having Stark back in the show brings with it a sense of fun. Like father like son, Howard flits from one woman to the next while staying in Carter’s apartment building. While his philandering is fun to watch, it continues to strengthen the different levels of misogyny displayed in the 1940’s, and though Stark does genuinely respect Carter, he doesn’t consider her a complete equal, and ultimately disappoints, causing Carter to distance herself from his scheming ways.
Oh, Stan Lee also had a cameo in this episode. No big deal.

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