Marvel Agent Carter | The Atomic Job // Recap Review

Sousa’s engagement doesn’t go as planned, Whitney Frost needs an atom bomb, and the S.S.R. gets some new field agents.

Whitney Frost and Dr. Jason Wilkes have been running experiments with the small amounts of Zero Matter they both have access to, and they’ve come to the realization that something about the substance is calling them. While Agent Carter seeks to gain more Zero Matter to make Dr. Wilkes corporeal, Whitney Frost only wants to gain more of her all consuming power, much to the discomfort of Chadwick. In order to get more, Whitney Frost must recreate the variables of the experiment that first brought Zero Matter into existence; an atom bomb.

While Whitney Frost reaches out to her own shady Hollywood connections, Carter and Sousa make plans to get to the atom bombs held by Roxxon Corporation. After an entertaining bumbling about C.E.O. of Roxxon Hugh Jones’ office for a way inside the facility containing two atomic bombs, Carter and Sousa must assemble a team of skilled agents that are also trustworthy and not in the pocket of the Council. This leads to the promotion of field agent to two S.S.R. employees; Rose Roberts, the overlooked secretary and gatekeeper to the S.S.R., and Dr. Samberly, the uncooperative resident scientist.

“The Atomic Job” is full of entertaining scenes laughing at the expense of womanizing C.E.O.s, as well as action packed fights involving Carter and Rose, but story seems to have gone to the side for this episode. Not that it wasn’t there, it was just simple; steal the atom bombs before Whitney Frost does. I’m glad to see strong characters like Rose getting their moments to shine, and events at the end of the episode set up questions going forward. For instance, what happened between Carter and Sousa that their feelings for each other are so complicated? Also, the way the Council is spoken of, and how they operate, is very similar to how Hydra is shown to operate in Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is this council the beginnings of Hydra? Could Dr. Fennhoff and Dr. Zola have begun their infection of America by infiltrating the ranks of the rich and powerful from prison already? Or is the Council merely another entity that could be absorbed into Hydra?

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