Marvel Agent Carter | Life of the Party // Recap Review

Carter seeks help from an enemy, Whitney Frost meets with the Council, and Thompson rubs elbows with his new employers.

With Carter recovering from her injury sustained during her encounter with Whitney Frost, and Dr. Wilkes losing his grip on this plane of existence, time is not on their side. Carter and Wilkes come up with a plan to use Zero Matter and a stabilizing device to maintain Dr. Wilkes corporeal form, but the only way to get it is from the blood of Whitney Frost, who will be attending a fundraising event for her husband Calvin Chadwick, and will also be meeting with the Council of Nine.

Still recovering and unable to go on the mission herself, Carter breaks out and seeks the help of her one time nemesis, Dotty Underwood, who seems all to interested to help take down the Council for her own reasons, though is also not thrilled to be working under Carter. To hold her leash, Carter attaches a kill switch necklace to her, as well as sends Jarvis into the event, much to the worries of Ana.

Shortly after arriving at the event, plans already begin to fall apart as Chief Thompson attends the event, at the invitation of Vernon Masters, to meet his new employers- I mean, meet the powerful people he’ll be working with to protect America from communism. Jarvis distracts Thompson while Dotty Underwood manages to steal some of Whitney Frost’s blood, and in an attempt to hide, bears witness to Whitney Frost’s powers. The meeting with Chadwick and the Council was merely a ruse to subdue Whitney Frost to keep her from turning her powers against them, but earning her scorn, she quickly absorbs the Council of Nine to only the four that she needs to take over. Dotty attempts to make her escape, only to be overtaken by Vernon Masters and Chief Thompson, who suspect Carter for Dotty’s involvement.

While Whitney Frost continues to grow in power, the reaction from the viewer is still somewhere in the middle. She’s clearly the bad guy, but she was caught in the Zero Matter blast when she tried to save it from being destroyed, believing it to be a scientific break through. She keeps trying to make breakthroughs with the matter, her husband, and the Council, and only destroys them when they attack her. Had the Zero Matter not started driving her crazy and putting her own affairs in jeopardy, and had she not been seen as an enemy of Carter’s, she could almost be a sympathetic figure, one you’d want to see come out on top.

It’s exciting to see Dotty Underwood return to the series in this new capacity, working with Carter instead of against. It makes sense for Underwood to fight against the Council if they are the puppeteers behind most of the decisions leading America into its current “decadence,” strongly going against Underwood’s anti-capitalist ideals. Putting them together on the same side not only adds another skilled agent to Carter’s ranks, but it gives more possibility for conflict between Carter and Underwood. We already know that S.H.I.E.L.D. worked with Dr. Zola (though that seems to have been a Hydra plot), could Dotty Underwood become a full time comrade to Carter?

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