Marvel Agent Carter | A Sin to Err // Recap Review

Dr. Ivchenko therapizes the S.S.R., Angie gives a tear jerking performance, and Carter finally gets treated as an equal.

(By the way, therapizes is a word. I looked it up.)

Chief Dooley wastes no time in speaking with Dr. Ivchenko after Carter and Thompson rescued him from Leviathan forces, and he is more than eager to tell everything he knows. His answers, however, don’t satisfy Carter as she has her own hunches that the deadly young girl they encountered, is just one of an organization involved with Leviathan. She believes that another woman assassin batted her eyelashes at Stark to get info about his vault, and also shot Agent Krzeminski. Dooley, partly from being tired of her complaining, gives Carter the green light to follow up her own investigation. If she has a hunch, she’s to bring him evidence that she’s right.

In order to investigate this mystery woman, Carter goes to an expert on the subject of Howard Stark and his women; Edwin Jarvis. Though still angry about their deception of Steve Roger’s blood sample, she  aims to clear Stark’s name, more for the sake of truth than for Stark himself. Attaining a lengthy list of all the women Stark had entertained in the last six months, Carter and Jarvis hit the streets to find them, much to Jarvis’ dismay as he was the one who always sent them away for Stark. As Stark’s proxy, Jarvis receives many slaps across the face, all to Carter’s enjoyment.

Back at the S.S.R., Dooley and Ivchenko take a break from discussing Leviathan and go into an impromptu therapy session. Much is revealed of Dooley’s personal life and marital problems, as well as Ivchenko’s deception as being a part of Leviathan. Unbeknownst to Dooley, Ivchenko signals Dotty to kill Carter. Ivchenko’s plans to manipulate Dooley through some form of therapeutic hypnosis is interrupted when Sousa barges in. Having stayed on the investigation of the mysterious woman from Spider Raymond’s club, he discovers that the woman they are looking for is actually Carter. S.S.R. agents ambush Carter and Jarvis at the diner, but Carter is much more than a match for them and they escape. Thompson and Sousa follow her back to The Griffith, where Carter has returned for Steve’s blood, and they nearly grab her, but with a special performance for the S.S.R., Angie distracts them, giving Carter the chance to escape.

Much of Carter’s personal struggles have had at their core a desire to be treated as an equal by her fellow agents. “A Sin to Err” toys with this theme with Dooley giving her the chance to prove herself and lead her own investigation. It’s interesting to see this equality used against her when Carter is marked as a suspect and the S.S.R. treat her as they would any male criminal. But it’s the interferences of other female characters and the men overlooking them that ultimately hinder and help the S.S.R. capture Carter.

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