Marvel Agent Carter | A Little Song and Dance // Recap Review

The enemy of your enemy is your friend, Thompson makes the hard choice, and Dr. Wilkes begins to crack.

Carter finds herself in a black and white S.S.R. office to find her brother, reminding her where she came from and who she is, and is then swept into a Broadway style song and dance number by Angie, where her conflicting feelings for Dr. Wilkes and Sousa are given the spotlight. But after a final show stopping punch from Rose, Carter wakes up to her current situation.

The Zero Matter rift was opened, Dr. Wilkes was sucked into it. Sousa, Samberly, and Thompson were able to close it with Stark’s gamma cannon, throwing Dr. Wilkes back out of it. Jarvis made a mad dash for Whitney Frost, Carter behind him trying to stop him, and shot Whitney Frost, nearly killing her, but survived due to her powers of Zero Matter. Carter and Jarvis now find themselves captured in the back of a truck, driven by Whitney Frost’s goons. Carter wastes no time in freeing them from their bumpy prison, and stranding themselves in the middle of the Californian desert. Carter is ready to be done with the antics of Jarvis, blaming their situation entirely on his vendetta, while Jarvis blames all the problems of his life on Carter. However, once the truth is revealed that Ana can no longer have children, their partnership and bond are renewed, just in time to trick more of Frost’s goons, knocking them out and leaving them in the desert as they drive away in their car.

Not knowing what happened at the rift site, Sousa, Thompson, and Samberly, have their when problems when Vernon Masters’ S.S.R. agents come to deal with them. They quickly set up a rouse, making it seem Thompson is still taking orders from Masters, saving their lives and sending them back to the S.S.R. office. Once there, Thompson and Sousa lay out a plan to use Stark’s gamma cannon to get rid of Whitey Frost and get things back under control the way Vernon Masters likes it. Carter is let in on the plan soon after she arrives, and beats up Vernon Masters, but is uneasy about working together. As far as everyone’s concerned, they all have dirt on each other, so if one goes down, the rest go with them, forcing them to join forces to deal with a woman who kills people with black space goo.

Thompson seems to have his own plans, however, when he goes to speak with Frost in order to buy more time for them to fix the cannon. Instead, he lays out their plan, giving Frost Vernon Masters and the cannon, as long as he gets a seat on the council. Frost has her own problems as she tries to extract the overflowing Zero Matter from Dr. Wilkes trip into the rift. Dr. Wilkes tries to resist, convinced that if he doesn’t try to control it, it will explode.

Once everything is in place, Thompson and Masters bring Frost the gamma cannon, leaving Sousa and Carter behind to learn about Thompson and Samberly’s plan to turn the gamma cannon into a bomb to destroy Frost, Masters, and Dr. Wilkes, solving their problems with the push of a button.

Deception fills each scene in “A Little Song and Dance,” from the beginning of Carter and Thompson fooling Whitney’s goons in order to escape the desert, to Thompson deceiving Vernon Masters, and everyone else, about the gamma cannon. With Dr. Wilkes explosive reaction to Frost, it’s hard to say what will happen in the upcoming season finale.

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